DEPM 604 Leadership in Distance Education and e-Learning 

This course challenged my thought process the most. I learned that I was an excellent manager with leadership traits, but not a true leader that naturally changes the world! I learned about what positions I could fill to truly benefit an organization. I am good at setting goals, solving problems. My work in this course was a stretch for me because the professor is a leader who pushed us all to grow beyond ourselves. I have permanent changes in my DE abilities because of him.

DE Leader Traits and Issues

I spent many hours transcribing this interview, only to have a teammate remember later that he had access to a software for hard-of-hearing students that could have done it for us. However, I engaged with what Dr. Tait said in the interview as I focused on writing his words down. My mind has been contemplating his ideas ever since.

Analysis of Group Leadership

A Group Interview with Dr. Tait