DETC 620 Training and Learning with Multimedia 

In re-enacting the “Media Debate” between Clark and Kozma beginning in the early 1980s, I really looked into the question of what learning is and how people learn. Does technology enhance how learning happens, or does it change how learning happens? I am of the opinion that both are true at this stage; early computer technology has enhanced education, and current technology is changing the very pedagogy and learning theories that are being used. Not only are we discovering more about how learning happens, but learning itself is evolving with each successive generation. This course enhanced my writing skills and my critical thinking skills.

The re-enactment was a group effort, and I felt that I had finally gotten into the groove of how team projects work the smoothest. I was able to shine in the role of facilitating group discussion. Here is what my professor had to say about it:

Heather, as you can see your grade for assignment #1 is 98. Congratulations!
Preparation of discussion in groups (10 of 10): You contributed to your study group conference nicely by starting one thread and replying frequently to others.
Quantitative participation in the conference (10 of 10): More than 4 messages posted on a regular basis.
Content (14.5 of 15): Your arguments, challenges etc. are presented in a logical and meaningful manner, based on solid knowledge about the research articles covered in the course.
Interaction (14.5 of 15): You initiated a discussion and also referred nicely to other students’ arguments, challenges or explanations. Well done!
Best regards, Olaf

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