DETC 630 Emerging Technology Trends and Issues in Distance Education and e-Learning

This course embodies why I started this program three years ago. I knew that I needed more training in emerging technology used for education. I enjoyed exploring almost thirty Web 2.0 tools that caught the attention of myself and my classmates, and I prepared a scorecard for about half of them. I have a higher ability to handle multiple tasks after balancing all of the technology studied and utilized in this course and bringing them into one scorecard. The group project for this course was to create an online course in three social media sites for seniors who had just gotten their first smartphone or tablet. It was my favorite project of the whole MDE program, and I feel we did a good enough job that it could be used today to teach from. My role of narrator allowed me to display my skill in speaking effectively.

VoiceThread proposal for Social Media for Senior Citizens

VoiceThread – Social Media for Senior Citizens

VoiceThread script

DETC 630 Tech Scorecard A2