EDTC 650 Teaching and Learning in K-12 Virtual Schools

I felt most at home in this course since it reached into the realm of secondary schooling. It was a mixed class with two-thirds of the students in the K-12 arena, studying a single course of distance and online education, and one-third of the students in the distance education arena, studying a single course of K-12 education. This gave me the opportunity to practice adapting, as many students had access at their school to software to help them with creating the assigned lessons but I did not. This allowed me to show my talents of identifying resources, as I searched online for lesson plan templates that would fit the criteria, and gathering information as I put together good content for the lesson plans.

I was particularly inspired by the idea of working for iNaCA, the international, private virtual school that my son attended for his middle school years. In preparing a case study on iNaCA, I found that they have only gotten better as the years have passed.

EDTC 650 Assign 2 iNaCA Case Study

EDTC 650 Assign 3 Unit Plan

EDTC 650 Final Paper 1