OMDE 610 Teaching and Learning in Online Distance Education

This is the course that I enjoyed the most. Both the content and the professor were engaging. The professor set the highest standard for teaching online as he built a relationship with every student, posted videos of himself pointing out the highlights of the week’s discussions and the students who wrote them, and was flexible and empathetic when life got in the way of our due dates. Many students praised his teaching skills, and I chose to emulate them to the best of my ability. This course strengthened my ability to meet deadlines, as it had many assignments, seemingly due exactly when my 2nd course’s assignments were due.

mid-term evaluation of my learning journal:

This is just a quick note to acknowledge the excellent work you are doing on your Learning Journal.
So far, your entries are substantial, thoughtful, and reflective.  Not only do you do an excellent job of commenting on the readings, conversations, and classwork, you do an especially good job of demonstrating self-awareness—your strengths and weaknesses as a learner.  I’m particularly encouraged that the journal you are creating will demonstrate your growth over time.
If you were to receive a grade at this point, it would be a very high A
Nice job!

final evaluation of my learning journal:
Your portfolio looks very nice and is easy to navigate.   The extras you offer (from course comments to embedded videos) is a nice touch.
Your 610 journal was a nice collection of observations on the whole experience of our class this semester.  What’s strong about these entries is that they are related to our class themes and, by extension, our class objectives.  Your observations are thoughtful and insightful. Also, what’s especially strong about your entries is the reflective component.  We can look here and not only track the progress of your learning, but see how the experience of 610 can affect your own teaching and learning career.
All in all, you produced some very nice work in this class.   100%